Drop a hint🎁

Now you can let that special someone in your life know by email exactly what to expect for MOTHERS Day.

Over time, we've perfected the art of giving clues to the other half, but sometimes it doesn't help, especially when all the subtle clues for your Grip Leggings result in a bouquet of flowers or chocolates.

So BBLN has made it easier for both men and women this MOTHERS Day to introduce the "give me a hint" service.

We will now send a carefully worded email directly to a loved one's inbox to get your message across.

So why wait? 🎁
Send us a message though FB / IG, or by email at support@bbln.mx


  • with the name and contact information of the person you want us to contact,
  • size and color of your favorite leggings
  • your name
  • and we take care of the rest. 💋

below is an example, (example is shown in Spanish, however we can tailor to your preferred language)